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Moving Sucks. - Tenth

Date: 2009-02-04 21:34
Subject: Moving Sucks.
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Location:Not Jersey
Originally, it seemed like an unfortunate waste of money to start moving into a new apartment on February 1st when February at the old place was already paid for. Now, though... I'm not sure how any other schedule could have worked.

And as is the case seemingly every time I move, I am astounded at how much crap I own. You wouldn't necessarily know, because while there's stuff on the desk, and stuff in the bookshelf, the other 100 cubic feet of junk is very efficiently Tetrised into the closet. It never gets old... I try to take everything out of the closet for inspection and packing, and it always boggles my mind that, spread out, it doesn't all fit in my room.

And I always run across some forgotten item or paper that makes me feel nostalgic (or depressed, or old, or all of the above.) Invitations to weddings, old letters from friends, jotted down diagrams and ideas that seemed extremely awesome at the time... And various and sundry other things that probably wouldn't mean anything to anyone else, but that I lose several entire minutes to in a staring contest, when I remember what they are.

(Like that playbill to A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Eastman Theatre in Rochester... It would take a long time to explain, but, wow. Back in the day.)

I guess things are moving along pretty well, considering; All the furniture and heavy stuff (except my home office itself) have been professionally moved to the new place, and everything got there in once piece, and up either the incredibly steep (or 60s-batman-villain-lair-esque half-spiral) staircase into the new place. Well, except for certain pieces of Ikea furniture, but they got up in pieces, and eventually they will be whole again. (And thank you again, IkeaFans.com, for satisfying all my Furniture Assembly Instruction PDF needs.)

But I still feel pretty depressed. I am going to miss having my own bathroom, central air conditioning, a garbage disposal, and the really nice view of the Boston skyline from my bedroom window, which I now wish I had pulled up the blinds on and enjoyed a little more often than I did.

The new place is cheaper, though, and it has more space... Two porches, an attic, and a storage area in the basement. There is the small issue of the utilities (it needs natural gas, oil, and electricity for everything to work), the absence of three prong outlets in the room that was supposed to be my office (whoops) and the moving expenses, setup fees, and other charges, which are starting to add up impressively. But in the long run, I'll be saving money, even if it doesn't really feel like it right now.

But everything considered, it's a lot of progress for four days.
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User: ship2shore
Date: 2009-02-05 03:52 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Where are the new digs? Do you have the same roommate and cats?
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User: tenth
Date: 2009-02-05 22:45 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Yeah, same roommate and cats, plus the roommate's girlfriend, but fortunately also a lot more space as well. We have basically moved to the other end of the red line, and we're now near Davis (though kind of out in the boonies... Fortunately still close to two bus lines.) I will put up a friends-only post with the new address and phone number, as soon as I find out what the phone number is and whether or not it works...
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