September 7th, 2004


Back to work

I had a pretty good weekend, but I'm tired and kind of depressed now.

The weather was really nice... Overcast and cool, then sunny and windy, and finally, this morning, rainy (very appropriate).

Saturday night I picked up Alyissa at JFK (the new AirTrain is nice, very similar to the automated train at the Las Vegas airport) after a fun game of cellphone tag. See, they have this Arrivals area, where people waiting for arrivals are allowed to wait. (They can't go into the terminals or baggage area. Security! Huzzah.) But the passengers getting off the plane can go pretty much anywhere, and aren't really encouraged to go to Arrivals or anywhere else in particular. Especially with all her luggage already having been mailed to me.

Also funny: She accidentally left a fairly large serrated kitchen knife in her carry-on bag when she headed out to the airport in Madison. They did squint extra close at her bag when they scanned it, but aside from that, hey, whatever, knives are cool. This is probably more funny than the time I accidentally snuck a pretty vicious folding knife through two metal detectors into a New Jersey courtroom (after being given a very stern warning and having to walk all the way back to the car and drop off my leatherman, which is vaguely weaponlike if you unfold all the screwdrivers at once and shake it menacingly.) My story gets props because I passed through two security checkpoints twice via my mutant EM Spectrum Scattering powers, but I think hers wins since she passed through the peak of hightened post 9-11 airport security (during the Republican National Convention) and they even x-rayed her bag. And her kitchen knife probably isn't even legal to carry under New Jersey law, especially concealed like that...

Alyissa hadn't been in NYC since she went there on a grade school trip to the Met, and has been living in Wisconsin for a while, so she was really impressed with Times Square, the big buildings, scary meat carts, and pigeons, and so on.

I'm still not very well travelled in Manhattan, and I still can't remember where certain things are even after I've visited them four or five times, but fortunately I had my sidekick, and you can just barely read street names on maps given the resolution and screen size you end up with after images are scaled. Plus I can pretend I'm firing my employees via text message (or some other affluent Manhattan style thing) rather than looking at a map like some kinda... tourist.

Anyway, she got the usual tour of the shiny stuff, the scenic stuff, some architecture, various legendary stores and resteraunts, Saint Mark's Place (and attendant freaky clothing stores; she found a nice quasi-stewardess/german military dress thing in a clearance rack that she's very happy with), and somewhere in there we also got to visit some of her old Hampshire friends, hit a nice Thai resteraunt, randomly wandered around looking for buildings with funny architecture, saw a movie, and so on.

Actually, I saw Collateral again. I did pick up a few more details, and some parts made more sense with the whole thing in perspective. I really want the soundtrack now, too. And Alyissa wants to quit her computer department job and become a contract killer. I'm down with that.

The Jersey side of things was respectable as well. She got to see my new neighborhood, lean against a wall across from a Blimpy's waiting for a late bus (total Jersey right there), get breakfast at diner after 1 AM, see two different crazy cab drivers (crazy in different ways, even) and experience all aspects of the public transportation system, including a nice ferry ride back from the city at night with the skyline and everything.

We were pleased to see that neither of us had become particularly old or crusty in the last six years. And I had a great time talking to her... I forgot how much we have in common, even moreso now that we work in the computer industry, and have a lot of crazy college friend stories to get caught up on. And it's just nice to have a girl around, especially when she's cute and flirty and had the hots for me in college, and doesn't think that I have descended into crusty unattractive almost-30-ness. (or if I have, I at least carry it well or something.)

Of course, we're both highly motivated, career minded young professionals, and we live several states apart, so I won't see her again for another five or six years. But it was nice to have visitors, and curl up to watch DVDs with more than my lovesac and battered self image keeping me company.

But now I'm alone again, and it's raining, and that's nice and cinematic at least. I'm going to see if I can find the Collateral soundtrack online somewhere, because I need to do more data migration and testing work today, and alternating moody jazz music and thumpy korean techo would be a big help.
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LiveJournal is like, hard

I recently mentioned to a non-livejournal enabled friend of mine that I finally got a livejournal, and said friend reacted in that "OMFG WTF LJ = TEH SUCK" sort of way. Not from a technical or idealistic standpoint (and pretty well argued as well... I'm kinda paraphrasing the friend in the quotation here), but I understand the sentiment.

There are a lot of LiveJournals out there that I would no doubt find intensely irritating... If I read them, but, I don't. I just like seeing what my friends are saying. And in the event that I don't, it's not at all hard to avoid reading their stuff. (Likewise, I would never bother emailing all this crap that I write to my friends; That would be inconsiderate, especially given that they use email for their jobs and other non-complete-waste-of-time things. But this way, I can yap all I want about how my apartment is mutating ,and they don't have to read it until they click on the Friends link (or my name, if they've gotten tired of the late night six page movie reviews). So they essentially get a sort of metaphorical EULA there, saying "yes, I have nothing better to do than read all the stuff my friends are writing". That's cool.

Fortunately, none of my friends (or even friends friends at this point that I've seen) fall into that "LiveJournal I Can't Stand" category.

I just don't know how I've gone so long without bitching about my job like a normal person. Or getting sick. (Seriously, I looked at five or six random LJs trying to learn about the style system, and everyone was sick. I can't even remember the last time I was sick. I "feel like crap" a lot, but that usually just means I don't want to get up in the morning. or I do, but my eyes and sinuses don't. But I go to work anyway, because even if I spawned a killer blood clot and got brain damaged, or lost use of one or both legs, I could still get to my office. And we have broadband here.)

Arguably more fortunately, I haven't been bitching about my job lately because I had a week off, and when we came back, we were all mellow and in pretty good moods. And now we're really busy, so I'm not bored, and nothing particularly frustrating or awful has happened, so we're just cranking out work and cashing checks. Like the thug gangstas we are.
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