September 10th, 2004


Damn y'all, cupcake

I drink lots of water, prefer diet soda, get salads when my fellow office monkeys go to Wendys for lunch... I worked out for six hours this week, and have plans to do more healthy things this weekend when I need a break from the overtime I have to put in.

So... Why is it that the only things worth eating at the Food Stop are full of tropical oil and will never ever go bad, ever?

There is no god.

If there is, he is a spongey god... Mass produced by the hostess corporation, a trinity of cake, squiggly line, and creamy center. Eat of my yellow cupcake, drink of my cappucino, and you shall be livin' la vida aeternam.

(Why did they have to get a cappucino machine? Someone is trying to kill me.)