September 18th, 2004

Nice guys finish last.

Digital Rights Mismanagment

I am developing a serious iTunes habit. I just need to streamline this process wherein I bring the gas powered hedge trimmer of Fair Use righteously down upon the sweetmeats of copyright.

No, really, I just want to listen to my legally purchased music under Linux. Right now it's sort of a rube goldbergian process involving PHP scripts (heh heh... eesh), iTunes for Windows, hymn (windows .exe), mplayer under Linux with the .wav output plugin, an ogg encoder, and a sketchy cemetary groundskeeper who doesn't get paid to ask questions, if you know what I mean. Francesco and me, we got an understanding.

I guess I need to commander a Mac, or failing that, a PC with a cd burner, or a one-eyed nun who keeps all her business between herself and the holy ghost. Aut viam inveniam aut faciam, right, Sister? Beati possidentes...

A man's got rights in this country, and those rights include drowning his sorrows in diet dr. pepper and pre-war blues covers in the OS of his choice.
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