October 1st, 2004


Spiffy Stuff

Today has been pretty good, although I worry sometimes that I will never get a good night's sleep ever again.

It's cool to have more friends playing CoH. The only downside is that I now want to play CoH more often. But I'm getting some use out of my alternate characters, the nun is trying out a cloak (certain combinations of cape get you about as close to robes as you can get right now), and I'm pretty psyched about all the stuff I'm hearing about for the Issue 3 update. More costume options, more stuff, secret unlockable character archetypes... Not that I'm going to be hitting level 50 anytime soon, but it's nice to know that doing so will give me more options. The big news is about the "out of combat" system, but I'm sort of dubious about what it will be and if I will bother doing it or not. But I did finally put a cape on one of my characters, so I guess anything's possible.

Also, I was pleased to see the CoH comic being %50 less lame this issue. Even the weekly fan fiction wasn't eye-clawingly bad... I'm still not sure I'd read it if it wasn't delivered to me for free, but I'm actually curious to see what happens in the next issue. I didn't recognize anyone in the courtroom scenes, but I appreciate that it really is a City Of Heros comic... All the costumes you see can be made in the costume editor, they use actual named minions and villans, backstory, and mechanisms from the game... I definitely appreciate that. I just hope the next "get your character in the comic" contest has more to do with how interesting your character is, rather than some unrelated thing (e.g. design a CoH bumper sticker).

My Sidekick II is in full effect, and it's pretty nice. Functionally, it's about the same, with the addition of nicer hardware, an integral camera, and more connectivity (I can access all my pictures, email, etc. from a web interface as well as the sidekick itself). But the mechanical design is a huge improvement... It's thin, weighs much less, has a larger and more comfortable keyboard, sturdier moving parts, and more (and more useful) buttons. You only need to flip the screen if you need the keyboard; All the phone functions have buttons now, and other important things like Mute and Take Picture are instantly accessible from outside buttons. (It even has shoulder buttons like an SNES controller.) Removing the SIM card is a lot less convenient, but I only do that when I buy a new phone. And the space that freed up has been filled with buttons, I/O ports, and "bumpers" that protect the moveable screen. And the screen no longer protrudes (begging to be whacked against things) when it's closed. It does stick out at an angle when it's open, but that puts it at a better viewing angle. My only complaint about that part is that the new screen is harder to open... but I can't see it opening by accident anymore, either.

And I (hopefully) get to go to a party this weekend! Life is okay (or will be if I can finish all this shit by 4:00...)
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Now I wear the human pants

One thing that really works about CoH is the costume system... It takes a long time to get multiple costumes, but once you have them, you can customize the heck out of them and switch between them at will.

This allows for secret identities, and even anime style transformation sequences (you can make a macro that does a flashy area of effect thing and switches your outfits at the same time).

And even without instant costume switching, you can still visit the costume store whenever you want to tweak your outfit. So my giant blue robot can try on XXL sized cargo pants in his pursuit of the human condition.
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