October 2nd, 2004


That sux0r3d.

Well, the party thing didn't work out.

First, I decided to make things quick and easy by taking a cab to the ferry (and then the ferry bus to Penn Station.) Believe it or not, the Cab/Boat/Bus combo attack is actually quicker and less painful than the Bus/Subway technique. Kinda says something about the bus service in my neck of the woods.

Except that the cab service around here is really going downhill. They're practically right around the block from my office, so on a good day, I'll call, and a cab will be honking impatiently in the driveway before I can even hang up the phone. The last few times I've used it, though, I'll call, wait half an hour, call again, and then get a cab twenty minutes later.

Or in the case of last night, call, get an estimate of "Five Minutes", wait 20 minutes, call again, get an estimate of "Sorry about that, it's gonna be a little while longer", wait 40 more minutes... consider calling them again, then realize that there's pretty much no way I can catch my train at this point.

Maybe if I'd started the whole process 45 minutes earlier, it would have worked out, like last weekend (again, the cab was late, but only about half an hour total, and I made it to Penn Station with 10 minutes to spare (since the train itself was a bit late).

Unfortunately, work has been ridiculous this week, and even leaving when I did was kind of iffy, and only okay because of how much overtime I'd done already. (You see, some of the stuff I needed to finish up on Friday to allow for a weekend away from the office didn't even get delivered to my office until about 3:30 Friday afternoon...)

So I figured I'd get up really early and take the 7:00 AM train. (I could have taken a slightly later train, but overall it wouldn't have made a big difference and would have gotten me in even later.)

That meant getting up at 4:30 AM.

To my credit, I managed to stagger out of bed at 5:05 AM, but given that I needed to shower and get dressed and then walk half an hour to the right bus station, I was not going to be able to catch the 5:25 bus I needed to catch for that particular zany scheme to work out.

So I set my alarm for a few hours later (so I would be awake to call my friends and tell them not to pick me up... Hopefully they checked their voicemail before they left...) And then went back to bed.

But I suppose getting a lot of sleep is a nice change from this week of not getting much sleep at all. I just wish it had been at night and not most of the morning/afternoon today. It's very October outside, and I wish I had been in more of a state to enjoy it.
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