October 3rd, 2004


Being all responsible and shit

Laundry, cleaning, bill paying, billing department "what did you do with my last payment" phone calls, errands, buses, landlord issues, air fresheners... Where the hell do the weekends go?

It seems like not long ago, I could blow an entire weekend playing video games and hanging out with my friends. Hell, I can think of entire semesters that fit that description pretty well. When did I grow up? Is Jersey eating my brain? Is my computer industry career turning me sterile? I guess as long as I still stay up late at night doing the online gaming thing (albeit after work) I can still be slacker gamer geek at heart.

I will have to continue that thought later. Right after I take care of the rest of this urgent last minute emergency shit our clients dropped on us today.
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I suck at Jersey

I joke about Jersey being hell, but I'm quick to play it up when people actually visit.

Of course, tonight, I was very late AND subjected my guest to the worst public transportation possible. (Traversing what is by no means the worst part of Jersey or Manhattan, but doing so just after midnight on a Sunday; The Dead Zone, Zero Hour, whatever you want to call it.)

Just missed the last Ferry Bus/Ferry, and just my friend with a car signing off AIM, then the last upstairs 159 bus, then waited an hour for the final, "basement" edition. Then walked the long way to watch the diner just closing at 1:47 AM. (I don't think you can really call it a capital-D Diner if it closes before 2 AM...)

Maybe breakfast is in order. I just need to be in the office before 9:30 for our meeting on the horrible new shit happening this week, whatever that is.

Upside: I am now very happy that I cleaned this place up and down before I left. Coming come to a sparkling clean kitchen and bathroom and a happy looking fern is very comforting after a craptacular commute.
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