October 12th, 2004


The night you sleep like the dead

What a shitty day this is.

In short, I woke up to my heat still not being on (Cool! Very numbingly cool), at about 10:45 (Alarm clock? What alarm clock? seriously, if it went off, I didn't hear it, or else the mechanism had frozen in place).

Came into work feeling like shit (it's like I have a... cold... or something), got a nice angry email from my boss, two urgent requests to fix things (one of which I can't do because we haven't actually been given the data that the request is in regards to, one of which I can fix, but is because someone else fucked something up, and I get to clean up after them.)

Also, the bigger and more high profile of the sites that I've done PHP work for was hacked last night and is totally down now. Apparently it's now my job to find out what happened and fix it. I'm really annoyed, but I don't feel too bad about it... It was running RedHat, and using some old PHP practices that are now regarded as unsafe, and it hasn't been patched or updated in any way for more than a year.

Well, that's terrible, but the reason it's like that is because, despite the fact that we delivered it over a year ago, they still haven't paid us for it. At all.

Just a question to all you other web developers out there... When you do a site for someone, or work on part of somebody's site, does that implicitly include free maintenance and support for life? That's what these guys seem to think. Although they can't really argue that point until they at least pay us dollar 1 for building the site in the first place.

Also, we seem to be taking care of my boss's daughters at the office today. (they are loud.) And in addition to being late and having all this crap fall on me, I'm on my own in terms of trying to get to kung fu class tonight since my kung fu commute buddy has his own problems (all week, actually). Fun stuff.
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