October 18th, 2004


They have commanded the speech of Man

So... They have barbie dolls that can sing now. Real loud, like, with their own internal piano accompaniment and everything. Just thought I'd pass that along.

(We are entertaining an extremely short young lady in the office again today. This also gave rise to the timeless phase "Just put her clothes back on, then she won't sing as loud.")

Up late working on Halloween site and lots of other shit. Sleepy.

I did knock out a bunch of simpler things on my To Do list... Very quick, like Kung Fu for the NES, without any of them grabbing onto my guy and thus draining his life bar.

I still have this data migration that makes me want to claw my eyes out, and two new ones(?!) that just showed up and are ready to be rolled up the hill, and that website still isn't quite operational yet, and various clients are bitching about stuff that only I completely understand.

Imagine something (in this case, a line of stocked inventory) which is tracked in two different series of records, one following the quantity (storing Previous Qty, Qty Changed, and New Qty as of each transaction) and the other tracking the dollar value (essentially the amount by which the cost value of your stocked inventory has changed during each transaction.

Now imagine that your client discovers a case where these records don't match up with the actual quantity and value currently on hand, and you have to reverse engineer the flaw that caused them to be wrong (as well as the "true" value, assuming that the error was corrected). What I can't understand is why nobody else at the office gets to enjoy these delightful mental exercises... They're fun! It's like whitewashing a fence! A fence that may or may not exist, if any theoretical flaws in the fence-assembly process did not prevent it.
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Apparently it's not a true singing barbie (or rather, it's not your standard barbie archetype), but rather a disney heroine. I'm guessing the one from Beauty and The Beast, but I'm not certain.

In any case, I was fascinated by the design... See, her speaker is basically mounted in her abdomen. Mechanically, this makes sense (center of gravity and all), but it's also symbolically disturbing... Is she speaking through her Chakra? Is her cheerful praise to womanhood drifting out of holes in her womb? Is her unborn baby backing her up on a tiny piano?

I think I'm one of the only person in my office whose car inspection isn't expired, and that's only because I don't own a car. (the usual explaination is that they have to wait until they can find a car inspector who can "guarantee" their car will pass for a small additional fee. Is this a Jersey thing? Do any of you Massachusetts and Wisconsin people actually have your cars inspected for real?)

These and other deep thoughts, courtesy of too much coffee.
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