October 19th, 2004



Today sucks. A lot.

I've been enjoying the dark, overcast, ominous leaves-blowing-around weather we've been having here in Jersey, but today it's bitterly cold and raining and dark outside. My heat is working better now that I have it supposedly set at 78 degrees (yaaay 65) but my shower has a window, and that window is kinda drafty.

There are a lot of things I want to do in my own personal time, and even a lot of things at work that I've wanted to finish and get out of the way, but all kinds of annoying crap is coming out of the woodwork... Unexpected sudden emergency issues for which I am the best (or only) person for the job.

Someone once said that a career at a small company like mine is "The technology industry equivalent of working at a gas station". (Or something to that effect. I remember the gas station part pretty well.)

I would normally have to disagree, or at least have equal or less unpleasant metaphors for working at a giant corporation... But this week, it does sort of feel like random people are driving up and honking for service. The difference is that this isn't the usual mode of operation for us (I'm supposed to be a programmer, I swear), and I'm not standing outside in the rain.

(As for the pay... Well, it has gotten better. I'm just sort of annoyed that I may finally get paid for that big website job. I know that sounds funny, but this is not the first, second, or third time I've heard that I may finally get paid for that big website job.)
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