October 26th, 2004



Up until 4:00 AM again.

Work sucks.

A certain website is fully up and working again. (Again.) And beginning to show clear signs that it has been compromised. (Again. Either by an outside attack, again, or possibly because of infected files salvaged from the old server. Not like I had a choice, and it's kinda their fault for never backing it up and leaving a trojan-laden drive as the only surviving copy of their stuff.)

And I'm behind on the halloween site. (Again.) Hopefully I'll be able to add a few more things as the day goes on.

Not long ago, it was 7:30 PM, I was done with work for the day, just had dinner, and I was going to have a nice quiet evening and get some of MY stuff done. Now it's Tuesday, I haven't really slept much at all, I didn't get anything of my own finished, and I am somehow behind on professional work again. How does that happen?

I seem to have minor financial issues this month as well. I am not accustomed to that; it also sucks. At least I sort of took care of some that paperwork last night, but it's not what I wanted to be able to say I did on my Monday night vacation from work.

Still hoping that all this shit can somehow be resolved in time for me to travel (and not work) this weekend).

"I still believe that peace and plenty and happiness can be worked out some way. I am a fool." - Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
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All work and no practice gets Dave kicked in the ribs.


No word on the latest web development disaster. I have my theories as to the delay (the hosting company probably has to perform investigations when these things happen, and we guess they may have a network-level problem on their hands in terms of rampant naughty software) but it's hard to say at this point. I doubt they're going to say "Fixed it! Everything's cool now."

It's like waiting to find out exactly what life-threatening STD you have, or what medal you got in the special olympics.

Does it mean something when a guy wears a dark gray/charcoal suit, with a bright pink shirt? Or is that just stylin'? I've been running into that a lot lately, and the guy at Men's Wearhouse tried to sell me on that color scheme (and got really offended when I said it wasn't what I was looking for) last time I was suit shopping.
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