October 30th, 2004

Nice guys finish last.

Smashed Pumpkins

So... The server that the halloween site was on went down earlier today, along with some other important stuff (like my email, most of my other personal website work) due to what seems to be a drive failure.

Most of it should be backed up (or is stored on another computer; Our main sql database server is alive and well) but I definitely lost some halloween content, since those sites weren't being backed up regularly.

This has also prevented me from getting any more work done on it.

Also, I'm not even going to be around to try and resurrect it tomorrow, because I have a halloween party to get to.

I may try to do something on Sunday night when I get back, but I can't make any promises at this point. (I don't even know if the new server will be ready by then... We were planning on replacing that box anyway, but this upped the schedule and urgency a lot.)

So that may be it for the halloween site this year.

Ironically, the tradition of that site started because I was depressed about halloween not being special anymore and not even having a party to go to. This year, I do, and the site/server blew up. Funny that.

It will be really nice to get away from the office and see my friends; If I haven't bitched at you sufficiently yet, let's just say it's been pretty hellish here.

Also, I had heard there was going to be "some halloween stuff" in CoH... And it's considerably more than just some pumpkins on the steps of Atlas Park. At least, the entire city is engulfed in eternal night, the sky is all swirly, 40 foot tall flaming pumpkin-headed demons and various creatures from celtic mythology are running loose in the streets, and the "Trick Or Treating" thing they mentioned is actually really cool: All of the doors in the city (which normally don't do much but look pretty unless you have business in a given building) will now give you a trick or a treat if you knock on them, one per customer, ranging from a curse or a bunch of crazy halloween-themed monsters, to inspirations, enhancements, and special temporary powers. Good stuff! I was kind of annoyed that none of the NPCs (including the MAGI organization and the other characters whose job it is to keep tabs on crazy supernatural shit) are talking about it at all, but I guess this is only the beginning. I don't know if I'll actually get to play on Halloween when the actual plot stuff happens, but I do appreciate the effort.

I may also post some of the remaining Halloween articles on my journal... The one on corpse calcification is too good to pass up.
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