November 15th, 2004


Getting Medieval

So the WoW night didn't work out too well... I jinxed them by bragging to everyone how incredibly stable the servers are. (So of course the servers went down for unscheduled maintenance for most of the weekend.)

But we did eventually get online, got a little Fellowship together, and tried to make the trip from Ironforge to Darnassus (3/4s or so of the way across the world).

Well... Collapse )

I also got to see some PvP stuff... I'm not on an actual PvP server, but while that means I can't just attack anyone I want to (and I'm kinda glad it doesn't work that way), you can still invade the other faction's lands, and start killing their NPC peasants and aristocracy, and once you do that, it makes you PvP-able, and then any of the defenders can start attacking you (and attacking you makes them PvP-able and so on). So you can still have some good times, and you don't have to worry about being torn in half by a giant level 50 minotaur on the way to the outhouse. (Did I mention there are outhouses? This game rocks.)

I got to fight some duels, too. I really didn't design my character to beat up other people's characters, but he seems to be surprisingly good at it. (Any class who prefers to fight indirectly from a distance, say, Druids, Priests, and Warlocks, tend to come under concentrated Boomstick fire, and there's the angry sabertooth tiger to deal with on top of that.)

That's the other thing. When they say "Hunters can get a pet", they mean, "Hunters can walk up to almost any animal in the game and tame it". It then becomes a controllable pet, with it's own stats, special abilities, and diet, and you can train it with new skills, feed it, and level it up like an old english Pokemon. Monster Rancher fans beware! This game will eat your brain.

I could also spend all my in game time being a merchant, buying and selling supplies, making people clothing, haggling over the price of linen cloth, and generally hanging out in character... On top of the whole questing and hunting thing I do to get the stuff that I sell in the first place. We also had a great barter economy moment last night, when we went on a trip to get supplies and bring them to a guy who could make us new backpacks. (bags are unrealistically rare and expensive in the game, because they're so useful, but you get the best deals (and in fact can buy certain things exclusively from) other players, so it was an adventure... Much more interesting, and cheaper, than just shelling out 30 silver for the bags at a store. Unrealistic, yes, but so is carrying around 50 bolts of sturdy fabric in your backpack along with your armor, gun, battle axe, five haunches of meat, shirt collection, 1200 rounds of ammo, etc...)
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Oh Shit

Woah boy.

I need to check my non-work email addresses more often. As of this coming April, I will officially be Uncle Dave.

This is sort of a surprise, given how not-interested my sister seemed to be in the whole parenthood thing, but I guess being married for a while has changed her perspective.

Now the big question is, will this make my family more or less curious about when I'm going to get married and have kids? I'm hoping less; Used to be that my sister was sticking with rabbits instead of kids, and I was undecided (pending me actually getting married), leaving me as the default source of offspring.

But we can't discount that peer pressure, Gotta Catch 'Em All appeal of wanting to have as many grandchildren as possible.

Also, it will be awesome to see how my grandmother reacts to me having a beard. But I have my shiny new laptop battery and power supply courtesy of IBM (and their self-immolating power supply replacement program), so I can work on game design notes and adding a Gunslinger class to nethack if things get noisy.
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