December 13th, 2004


The Weekend Of No Sleep

I had a pretty good time this weekend, but it was overshadowed by me not getting much sleep all week and then not getting much sleep over the weekend for various reasons. And I think I'm coming down with a cold or possibly a sinus infection on top of that.

But I did get to visit the cute girl, see some old friends, go christmas shopping, see a not-very-smart action movie, and had nice cheap mexican food for lunch on saturday. I do miss Amherst sometimes, and being able to buy myself and my three friends fancy coffees for $6.50, instead of buying a single coffee + muffin for $6.50. And all my friends are up there. I just wish I had been in more of a state to enjoy it. Sunday I was much more awake, but still not feeling very well... It occured to me Monday, when I saw the funny looking sky with the yellow thing, that I hadn't seen sunlight in four or five days, and that might have affected my mood.

Commuting sucked... The trip took much longer than expected and was full of annoying people on Friday, and going home wasn't great either. (Less annoying people, more waiting.) And dinner Sunday night was courtesy of McDonalds, the only damn resteraunt in my neck of New Jersey open after 9:00 on Sunday nights. (Their new "select" chicken strips are almost like real food, but they are still the worst thing ever. To be fair, I still haven't been to a White Castle ("The Depressingest Place On Earth!") but so far, it's way up there on the list.)

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