December 21st, 2004


It's beginning to suck a lot like Christmas

Too much shit to do. I'm still a little sick, and it takes me a while to thaw out every time I have to walk between my apartment and the office or go on an errand.

I am in a bad situation where I have way too many things to get done before I go home for Christmas, and I'm having trouble making progress on any of them. I should probably just focus on one issue at a time, but it seems like I'd never finish them in time that way.

Not only that, but I keep running into stupid issues with all of them... Missing office supplies, missing addresses, no more blank CDs (what the hell? we bought a whole case earlier this month)... A lot of these could just be the result of me being the last person to raid our office for holiday supplies, but it still sucks.

And I've been totally neglecting World of Warcraft. Yes, that probably sounds like a good thing, except that I've stood up my friends three or four times in a row now. Even if it is just a game, the fact remains that I dragged a lot of people into it and then proceeded to not show up when I promised. (Not even on the specific sanctioned game nights lately.) So I can feel guilty about that, too... And lame that I now have characters who aren't getting played enough on two servers, so I can lag behind my Jersey/office friends as well.

And the main thing I worry about (A certain friend's long overdue website) isn't exactly flying along, either. I guess what it comes down to is last night, mostly I got stressed out and failed to get my christmas present/mailing stuff done (though to be fair, it wasn't possible with the stuff onhand), and also still didn't finish my PHP work yet. I did get to talk to some friends before I gave up for the night, at least.

Two more days...
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