January 26th, 2005


Good god, y'all

This quiz makes excellent choices. I am impressed.

And sorry, Morgansong, but I think they're trying to tell us something. ;-)

Your LJ Strip Club by ScreamingDolai
The type of joint you run
Your club is calledThe Golden Snatch
Sleazy managership2shore
Scary bounceralistairenix
Most frequent customerglyf
Highest paid stripperfilthyassistant
Can do really acrobatic pole tricksgeekpixie
Just doing this to pay for med schoolsrisyadasti
Had to get "enhancements" to make more moneymorgansong
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All you healthy people

So as part of my slow but determined scheme to live a healthier lifestyle, I am back on a regular schedule of multivitamins, and after a week I'm already starting to notice a difference, or else this week is just crazy and I am high on life.

Anyway, I also looked into vitamin B, as suggested by my friends who are smart about such things, and got what I thought was the smallest, "normall-est" B supplement, since as I noted, the multiV I found (Centrum) does not seem to have much at all.

However, I notice that even the least concentrated, least heavy duty B pill is about %6000(?!) my recommended daily allowance. At least, I'm pretty sure I also saw %12000 and %24000 respectively.

So should I just keep one of those pills in a plastic bag and lick it a couple times in the morning? If I take a whole pill, every day, will I turn orange or something? Should I just break them into quarters as best I can and take one fragment every 1500 days?
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