January 28th, 2005


The Master Of Unlocking

I never got around to mentioning it on LJ, but Resident Evil 4 is really, really good, as you've probably heard a few times already if you read Penny Arcade.

I've been a fan since the original PS1 game. I think anyone who went to college with me is at least peripherally aware of it... It was spooky and disturbing, had some interesting puzzles, and was the source of endless in-jokes. We loved it, even though the controls and camera angle conspired to kill you, and the zombies weren't quite as scary as the awful, awful dialog and even worse voice acting could be. When I mention the RE series to a Hampshire friend, they usually respond with a classic one liner ("Hope this is not... .... .... CHRIS'S blood.") before the conversation goes any further. Green Herb, Health Spray, the Magic Item Box, Bob the Zombie... It is a part of our vocabulary now.

And over the years, it didn't change much. Silent Hill really changed the way we looked at "Survival Horror" games (another engrish term that RE had spawned), and introduced a lot of twists to the gameplay, camera system, puzzles, and overall style of the genre, but Resident Evil itself mostly just kept on truckin'.

Eventually, we got RE: Code Veronica on the Dreamcast, and much later on the other consoles... While I think it really was the best of the Resident Evil style games, and had some amazing art, cinematics, and weapons (how can you argue with akimbo Calico target pistols with the 100 round helical mags and everything?), and a camera that moved in response to your location in a scene, it was still pretty much the same gameplay at heart... albeit over an epic scale, with four different characters, Pulp Fictiony interwoven non-linear plotlines, and so on.

But enough people at Capcom had gotten bored with the usual formula that they decided to do something different, and they did... And it is very different, and it is very good.
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In other news, people are still pissing me off big time at work. But It's funny, because it turns out a lot of my friends in the area know this company, and they were also all astounded by what bastards their salespeople are.
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