April 5th, 2005


Springtime For Hitler

It's finally spring here... That is to say, it's not snowing, it's also not raining, the sun is out, and it's over 40 degrees outside.

I'm surprised by how much that change has cheered me up... I'm not a big outdoorsy, sun loving person, but I guess seasonal affective disorder can get to even the most thoroughly monitor-irradiated freaks out there.

Walking to work is nice without the freezing rain. Days like this make me miss the walk... Not that I ever liked that hill, or having to get up 50 minutes earlier, but it was nice to have that meditative outdoor time before sitting down for 9-10 hours in the office. I'm not a morning person, and I doubt I ever will be, but it's hard to fall asleep at the wheel if you got up and had a brisk three mile uphill walk right before you came in.

I also don't notice how stuffy it gets in the office until we open a window.

I guess you get the same effect when the AC is on, but during the winter, we don't get much air circulation... Our office used to be somebody's house, and was not designed to have eight+ people working it all day. And I have some lung problems. I mean, they work, and I'm grateful for that, but they just don't work that well. My lung capacity is not what it should be (thanks to asthma, allergies, and various colds and flus and pneumonia over the years) and what air I do get in there probably isn't being used to full potential. I noticed this especially in Kung Fu class, when I ran out of breath before everyone else.

The end result is that when it gets nice out and we do open the windows, I perk up all of a sudden, like an orderly took a nap and forgot to give me my thorazine. It's pretty cool! Once upon a time (two years ago), I got into a relationship about this time of year, and it was sort of like the scene in Wizard of Oz where they switch to Technicolor... But I have to wonder now if it wasn't so much the music school girl as it was the sun coming out, and an O2 boost after being half-suffocated at work all winter.
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