April 27th, 2005


Good Stuff

Yes, hippygoth, there are good things going on today, even though it's raining and once again I am one of the only damn people in my office after 4:00 PM...

Well, actually I can't think of any, and I need to make some phone calls before 6:00, but I found out that somebody wrote a utility (MoonbaseIP) so you can play Moonbase Commander online against/with your friends without having to use Gamespy Arcade or other such crapulence.

If you haven't played it, Moonbase Commander is a slick, simple, old school Scorched Earth-ish artillery game for the PC. Played from a top down perspective, you fire weapons as well as connected nodes that grow into buildings that do cool stuff for you. Your structures can't move, but you can expand your base outwards into the world, and deploy some weird weapons and effects that do move around (on their own turns, between the actual players) and screw over your opponents in various ways. It's very well balanced, and each weapon/item does something unique and useful (rather than having long lists of things that are basically the same, only progressively bigger and more expensive). And while initially simple, it can be much, much deeper than Scorched Earth, with all the defensive structures you can build, and ways they can be countered or subverted.

Oh, and it was $20 to start with, but now generally costs less than $5 on Amazon.

I'm hoping more of my friends get into it, because it's up there with Katamari Damacy and Bust A Move in terms of simple old school gaming coolness, and then I'd have more people to blow up. I'm not the best Commander out there, but unless you are as creative at abusing munitions as I am, I will take your ass to Moon School.
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