April 28th, 2005

Silly Hats Only

I am a cranky old bastard.

I must be getting old.

Two of my younger coworkers are having a very loud conversation about the relative merits of superman, batman, and spider(-)man, and it's really getting on my nerves.

Well, I'm getting old, or I'm too much of a geek... This is the sort of nails-on-chalkboard conversation that can only be had by two people who have never read the comics, and only seen the (shitty, shitty) movies.

They also do not get the concept of multiple series and continuity (hence the half hour arguement about how "Batman Begins" is going to suck, because they already killed off all the good villans... my fucking head, ow). Also, they have no interest in watching Smallville because "superman looks dumb wearing the blue and red suit and cape and everything on a TV show". Cough, cough.

I would say something, but I remember the time they were telling me how Stephen King directed Dreamcatcher (the movie). No, he's a writer, he doesn't direct... "No, man, it totally said something about Stephen King in the titles during the movie." ... Yes, I know, he wrote the book, but someone else made the movie. He directed once (Maximum Overdrive) and it was really bad... "No way, man, Stephen King directs all his own movies!"

The kicker was when I pointed them to IMDB (Stephen King -> Novel -> William Goldman -> Screenplay -> Lawrence Kasdan -> Movie) and they said "Yeah! See, I told you it was Stephen King who made it."

This is why I get to sit in the Captain Kirk chair when my boss is away, methinks.
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