May 11th, 2005

Nice guys finish last.

Yellow Alert Status

First Officer's Log, Stardate 2105358.6:

The political situation is deteriorating rapidly in the Captain's absence; Perhaps sensing a weakness in leadership, the enemy fleet is pressing us from all sides with hostile intent, in clear disregard of our contract. Communications with the surface have been sporadic, but the Captain has urged us to maintain our current position and avoid any decisive action until he returns... But we have already exchanged fire, and I am prepared to escalate our response in the face of an increasing threat from the enemy. Despite their threats, I doubt they possess a "lawsuit", much less an effective means to fire it upon our vessel. Our counterattack, on the other hand, is quite real, armed and ready to mail at a moment's notice. While I like to believe I am carrying out the Captain's intentions, I can only hope he'll return in time to make the final decision himself.
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