June 13th, 2005


What I did on my summer vacation

I got up very, very early on Saturday to go to a Baby Shower. Despite it being a baby shower, crowded with both real and potential babies, in a place without much in the way of air conditioning, it was actually a good time. Nice to see people, at least, and get caught up on our inevitable descent into adulthood, and eat too many lemon squares.

I hate showing up without presents at those sort of things (I mean, isn't that what a baby shower is, basically, a cry for help? ;-), but I also prefer to travel light... But thanks to the wonders of e-commerce, there will be a biblical flood of baby junk descending on them in the next 3-5 days.

I keep feeling like there should be more to my weekend than that, but I was up late working on Friday, and up late re-winning WWII and making snarky comments about Stalin with the guys on Sunday. We also snuck in some Burnout Team Crash action after the baby shower; Men are only built to tolerate so much pastel family oriented stuff in one day, and sometimes you just need to jump a T-Bird sideways off a ramp and into a fuel tanker truck so hard that it not only blows up, but is also hurled 30+ feet back the way it came from. (These new physics engines are cool and all, but so far, the best resulting features I've seen are 1) Imitating slow motion/ panoramic matrix style camera work when you make a huge mess, and 2) providing a complex scenario involving wacky physics and car accidents and so on, which can be retried or played back over and over again, exactly the same except for the changes you've introduced by plowing your own car through the middle of it.

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In other news, Maple Story is scary. I am slightly disturbed by the number of free semi-online RPG/game/things coming out of Korea these days, but I'm not going to complain about it. Suffice to say that MS makes Puzzle Pirates look really dark and serious.
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