August 12th, 2005


Messed up stuff

Don't watch it at work unless your boss likes Tool videos, but For those of you who like disturbing stuff, I was very pleased to see Objectionable Apparatus on Newgrounds... Probably the best artwork & animation yet from those same scary russians what brought us the trippy music video/nightmare cartoon Pustota.

Also, they came out with Das Produckt at some point when I wasn't paying attention, but I still have to give it to Apparatus for artwork and Pustota for overall artistic composition.

Really makes me wish I could actually draw stuff. Ah well.
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City of Roy

So, I was checking out the City of Villans expansion. Not only does it have all kinds of villainous action for your ass, but if you act now, you can hook yourself up with a free gift. And I am fairly certain that Precious Roy is involved. And it sounds like that dude has a Serious-Ass Crab Spider Battle Helmet Problem.

*Cue Precious Roy Theme*

(Yes, it's an in-game item. But does that make it less dorky? I am not so sure about that.)
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