October 24th, 2005



It's funny, I am much less likely to make long rambling LJ posts when I am content and happy. I guess that means I would make a good historian, in terms of skipping the boring parts.

But some nice things have happened, so I should probably mention them before I start complaining about how everything sucks.

hippygoth and husband visited last weekend, and that was really nice. I was concerned about my apartment... I mean, it's nice, and the strange bump in the kitchen floor has finally gone down, but I hadn't really entertained many guests there. And I hadn't really cleaned in a while (and I mean, really cleaned, like vacuuming behind things and scrubbing kitchen surfaces that I don't even look at in the course of an average day) and I also worry that I won't have food that they'll like, etc. etc... And it was pretty much down to the wire with me doing laundry and washing sheets and vacuuming feverishly at piles of dust that had apparently spread out of a hole in the wall to occupy the territory of the dust I took care of in the last pass...

Anyway, it was nice to feel stupid for worrying, because we all had a good time, the cooking was found to be tasty, and they even liked my apartment! Although much like every other apartment I lived in, it needs more furniture. They were even nice enough to drive me (and my poor roommate, who has a lower tolerance for swedish furniture) to the Ikea Fortress here in Jersey. You may have been to an Ikea before, maybe even one of the european ones, but here in America, we are not accustomed to the full industrial scale of these things... It is very large. You need a Map. There is a cafeteria, two gift shops, a warehouse, probably an olympic sized swimming pool and a missile silo somewhere. Like some kind of scary RTS game building that you have researched all the upgrades for.

And of course, the one table I wanted was out of stock, but it was nice to see that there is furniture out there that I could use. I will probably mail order it or something. And I did get a few other things. And there will be more things to come... Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that my gravestone will read something like this:

1977 - 2018

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