November 10th, 2005


Stupid Comics!

A friend of mine recently pointed me at Mr. Kitty's Stupid Comics Collection, a fascinating archive of graphic crapulence. Not to say all the art is terrible (though some of it definitely is), but demented writing and a bizarrely unworkable concept can go a long way, too. (The initial page has most of an issue of Stardust, from the well-lubricated mind of Hank Fletcher.)

Superman has done some really odd stuff in the course of his career, but you may be less familiar with Electro (versus the Corpse-men!) or the morbidly indistinct Fantomah, another Hank Fletcher creation. (Bonus: Spider-Man with TMI about child abuse, and the little known fact that superman is about as smart as two TRS-80s.)

The success of Archie spawned many lesser known, less successful clones, but with less stormtrooper armor and more bad use of 60's and 70's culture. They also veer into the dark world of relationship comics.

Also, don't miss Smokey the Bear... As portrayed by psychedelic nightmare engineer Jim Woodring.
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