December 15th, 2005



I haven't posted in a while. Work has been a pain.

I had to say some really mean, slightly sarcastic stuff today at work. It's probably not good to be proud of that, but I think for once it actually worked as properly intended... A co-worker was freaking out, and it shocked them into the realization that they weren't helping. I think the key is to not go too heavy on the sarcasm... You want to use it more as a way to soften what would otherwise be a pretty brutal dress-down into something that makes you smile a little.

I don't normally think of myself as being a particularly cool head in a crisis, but I guess when I'm in a management position and other people are looking up to me, I get a lot cooler about everything. (I did sneeze afterwards and have a pretty spectacular nosebleed, so I guess my pressure did go up a little, even if I wasn't showing it. ;-) No, I'm not going to have a stroke (yet), I'm just having some allergies, and my sinuses don't like super cold dry weather. The stress probably didn't help, though.)

WoW has been fun lately. I had sort of made up my mind at some point that I don't enjoy the big huge dungeon runs that you spend most of your time doing later on, and spent most of my time searching for rare junk and helping younger characters level up. But having seen the really serious high end stuff, I was pleased.

At least... the 20 person dungeons feel more like an exercise in statistics to me; You figure out what your group is doing for each encounter, and then everybody does it, and unless something goes wrong, you win, and then you do it again, and again, and again... Not overly exciting to me, since we've been on this particular theme park ride four or five times over, and know exactly when and where all the scary stuff pops up.

I've found the Molten Core to be a lot more interesting... There's less margin for error, and you really do have to pay attention and make some tactical descisions during combat... And having a giant flaming magma critter stomping around, flinging large handfuls of L60 characters through the air on fire... that's entertainment right there. And it's also nice to have some of my own personal game design theories upheld.

Now I just need to win the lottery so I can implement some of these crazy ideas...
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Last Minute Gift Ideas

(Reposted from another board):

I am usually pretty good about being gadget-resistant... At least, I love reading about obscure expensive things, but I generally don't actually want to buy them unless they are especially awesome or functional.

I really can't justify $400 for a watch under any circumstances, but I have to admit that this Digital Nixie Tube Watch is pretty awesome. I used to have a calculator with that kind of display, and the idea of having it wrist mounted is pretty awesome.

While we're at it, I would also like a Steam Powered BMW.... Okay, it's not entirely steam piston driven or anything, but it does reclaim 80% of the waste heat from the engine, and you still get the style points.

I'm not even particularly attached to the BMW aspect; I would also be perfectly happy with a steam powered Fulda Maybach Exelero. I know that would probably defeat the purpose of a luxury car that was designed to go 350 kmh, but I think steam power would only make it cooler, especially if it hissed and puffed a lot while it was idling, and smelled like superheated copper. Fuel efficiency would be more popular if it was all steampunk and badass.

Oh, it should also have orbital-rim wheel mounts, and it should honk and blink the lights when I shout catchphrases into my watch.
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