March 24th, 2006



That word you keep using... I do not think it means what you think it means.

It's been a busy week!
The New Intel Macs can run windows after all, and in fact it works pretty well. Whoops!

Windows Vista has been delayed again, as Microsoft notices that 60% of it currently totally sucks. Whoops!

As we "learned" in court, Internet Explorer cannot be separated from Windows. Except when it suddenly can be. Whoops!

XBox 360's totally unbreakable security, totally isn't. Whoops!

This is not a good week for big corporations telling us shit is impossible or absolute. Not to say I told you so, but... Honestly, "unbreakable" and "computer" and "security" do not belong in the same sentence, until we are playing video games on computers that actually employ quantum mechanics. (And even then, you know some finnish high school student will disprove the Standard Model just so he can listen to his electron-fractal-grid music-cubes on his linux box, which still won't have a legal iTunes client.)
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