April 5th, 2006


Please Blow My President

It's snowing outside. This is not okay with me, because it was sunny and hot enough yesterday that just opening the windows didn't help, and we had to close them all and turn on the AC at the office to keep our servers (and ourselves) from overheating.

Could be worse, I guess. I handle drops in temperature okay... it's the increases that make my sinuses stop working.

So far this has been a good week for getting enough sleep and not getting too stressed out about work. Not so good for going home on time, and not staying up until 1:00 AM answering emails from weird time zones, but things are working out better than they have in a while.

So, did you hear about that memo? The one where the President says "We're going to invade Iraq... If we don't have reason to by then, invent some?" the one he wrote before giving all those speeches about how he didn't want to go to war? yeah.

I guess it isn't so bad. We just went to war and got a few thousand of our guys killed, and an estimated hundred thousand miscellaneous non-americans killed, and ruined our international reputation, because our president felt like it would be fun.

Now, if only he'd get a blowjob from one of his interns... Then there might be grounds to have him impeached.

Ladies, please... For the country. Please, blow my president.
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The firey eye, it burns us

Yeah, so, it was snowing really hard at noon, now it's like 70 degrees and muggy here, and NOW my head hurts. Ow, ow, ow. Stupid sinuses.

P.S. I am extremely glad that our administration declared that the environment is okay, and this whole Rapid Climate Change thing isn't a big deal. All those NASA reports (and this fucked up weather) had me worried for a while there. Stupid sun.
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