July 31st, 2006



I had a nice, eventful, but very busy and tiring weekend. I need to remind myself not to take the last train home on Sunday night, though. (It's godawfully crowded, and if you happen to be on a train where the air conditioning and venting is broken, it is not cool at all. In so many senses of the word.) It was strange to be relieved to finally get on a bus.

Also, you can't redeem Amtrak points on Sundays. (Or holidays. Or days starting with M, or with odd numbers, or during certain "ill-omened" phases of the moon.) Or something. At least, never when I try to redeem them. I guess I should have spent them on having a train named after me.

But I got to take down, move, and re-assemble furniture, wire stereo equipment, move ladders around, help paint a house, and went out to dinner at nice restaurants three times in four days. I also saw the new Pirates Of The Carribean movie, which seemed pretty good in comparison after reading negative reviews and hearing people go "meh". I was not expecting a great film, and while there was less witty dialogue and "pirate stuff", there were a lot of really impressive visuals, and a seemingly endless and varied array of evil fish/crustacean guys. Lovecraft would be proud. Though the Pirate movies love introducing weird curses and magical powers with funny rules, and then not quite following them. I guess Evil Pirate Curses are a lot like New Jersey tax laws, in that they sometimes show up out of nowhere and then fail to make sense or actually apply to you.

(But it was okay. Captain Cthulhu has a pimp claw!)

I was also reminded that you always need to have business cards on hand. Just in case.

I also figured out what was bugging me about the PotC music; I confirmed that one of the Evil Pirate themes is basically, note for note, a track from Sinbad: Throne Of The Falcon, for the Commodore 64, circa the late 1980s. Though they're probably both just ripping off the same piece of classic music. Or some older film score.
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