August 3rd, 2006


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So, today is supposedly going to be the hottest day of the year, ever, in this our greater New York City area.

Though so far, it actually feels better; I have to assume that's 40% humidity, as opposed to the 70%+ from yesterday evening. (I thought it would be okay to go grocery shopping after the sun went down; That did probably save me from some extra sunburns, but it was definitely "not cool" in any sense of the word, and felt more like I was swimming on the way home.)

But tonight we get thunderstorms and hopefully less shitty weather.

Today at work I got to hear about how if you have a jeep, you can "raise it up" (on the suspension?) and then nobody can hurt it no more. You can pull out in front of people and just let them hit you.

Also, I learned that kung fu is just dancing around and shit, there's nothing in there that you can use use in a real fight. The main problem with it is that it has no groundfighting techniques. Unlike Ju-Jitsu, which is totally awesome, and proven to be the best martial art in the world, hands down. (as determined by UFC, or something.)

(I almost went over there and kicked him, but then I settled for asking him to try telling my boss, who is more in practice than I am, and also, if I recall correctly, teaching the Advanced Groundfighting group at my old Kung Fu school. I know it's infantile to get upset about martial arts school disputes, but I would love to see a certain Monkey style master jump on some kickboxer guy's head, tear his eyes out, make a quizzical "Who knows" gesture, maybe an "ook, ook" noise or two, and then wander off camera, during a UFC fight.)
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Teh New Hotness

So, I recently upgraded my trusty Sidekick 2 for a Sidekick 3, because I got an upgrade offer, and T-Mobile coincidentally owed me a bunch of money anyway, so it was "free" in that sense that I'm not paying extra. Again.

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