September 4th, 2006


Dark Tower in the hizzy

I may be late getting on the boat here, but I just found this single player flash version of Dark (Motherfucking) Tower. ZOMGeezy! Remember that game? Boy howdy, it sucked. But it was trying really hard to be like an RPG, and unlike most board games it had a big plastic tower in the middle that could spin around and beep and show you little pictures, and then all your mans died and you lost. The tower may not spin in the flash version, but now you can lose a solo game of DT from any web browser, and you won't use up two D-Cell batteries in the process.

I have to say it also makes a lot more sense with the computer enforcing the rules for you... I'm pretty sure we couldn't find the manual when my elementary school friends and I were trying to play it, because I never figured out what Healers were for. (Turns out they are wicked helpful, as you might expect from a D&D themed board game.)

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be making the totally awesome adventuresome noises, but if you're feeling nostalgic, the Well Of Souls Dark Tower page has them all. Though you aren't really missing much. Also awesome: Some guy made a sort of dance remix primarily out of Dark Tower noises... it's, uh, something. The Well Of Souls also hosts a nice multiplayer Java version, if you have any friends who are dumb/bored enough to want to play Dark Tower with you, complete with the undeniably "digital sound effects".
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