November 8th, 2006


Our Special Place

An enterprising YTMND person made this Tribute to Centralia, with a Silent Hill soundtrack and everything. If you're not familiar, Centralia, Pennsylvania is the real life inspiration for the movie version of the town of Silent Hill. Eerily deserted, and almost picturesque... Except for the places where burning, steaming cracks have opened in the pavement, collapsing homes and spewing poisonous gas. An underground coal fire, originally caused during a deadly mining accident in 1962, has continued to burn for more than 40 years, despite numerous attempts to extinguish it, reducing Centralia to a ghost town. If left unchecked, the subterranean fire may soon threaten the nearby (appropriately named) town of Ashland.

Good times. It's been pretty Silent Hill-y over here in Jersey, too... Or at least foggy, wet, and dark. No mysterious underground fires, though.

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EB Bites My Oats

Oh, Electronics Boutique... Or EBGames, or GameStop, or whatever you're calling yourself now that you're breaking up with K-Fed... Why you gotta be like that?

We used to be so fine together... I hate shopping, and you gave great mail order. You would ship stuff on time, girl, and you'd ship it early. And sometimes you'd do it for free, just because you liked shipping to me so bad, baby. Oh yeah. Sometimes you'd even send me nifty stuff because I pre-ordered with you... All those Silent Hill soundtrack CDs, even a VOIP headset that one time, and not a half-bad one. I gotta say, I don't mind being rewarded for being impatient, you saucy, saucy... game... distribution... company.

So now that I'm really, really looking forward to something, and being able to pre-order it is extra important to me... And I know you're getting a couple million of these things, it's not like I'm asking for a PS3 here... You go and pull this shit.

Bitch, I thought you had more class. And you're not even taking pre-orders on Twilight Princess anymore, just so you can screw more people on the package deal. (I'd link to it in protest, but you took the page down. It's not even in your product database anymore. Nice one!)

Yeah. I'm gonna have to go ahead and pass on that sweet deal of yours. I guess I just don't feel like signing up for a magazine subscription and a double extra super warranty and... Look, you have about six years of my game purchase history on file, do I LOOK like I want a copy of Madden? Duh. Well, good luck with that.

I did make a little something for you, though.

P.S. My platinum visa card has a wicked case of crotch-rot. Get some antibiotics.


- Me
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