November 17th, 2006


Beware the Linux Banhammer

If you haven't seen the news, it seems that Blizzard's latest anti-cheater ban nailed many, many innocent people who happened to be playing WoW in Linux under Cedega (a popular "playing windows games under linux" program), including some good friends and guildmembers of mine. Basically they are all being falsely accused of cheating or using bots.

This means their account (i.e. all their characters and stuff) is effectively locked out, forever and ever, amen.

So far, all letters to the Account Support department have gotten the boilerplate "No, we're right, you're a cheater, thanks for playing" reponse.

This doesn't seem be "intentional", or at least not just an extremely rude way for Blizzard to say "Don't use Linux"; According to some official forum posts, Blizzard is aware of and condones people playing WoW under Linux, and supposedly tested this specific setup (WoW under Linux using Cedega) with their "cheat detector" to avoid false positives. Like all of these.

Their intention seems to have been good... However, so far Blizzard is not admitting fault, and many characters shall remain cast forever to the void for the crime of not wanting to reboot into windows, at least until Blizzard changes their minds.

I honestly don't play WoW all that much anymore, but keep my account paid up so I can visit friends (and maybe check out the expansion)... But banning my friends to the twisting nether is totally not okay. if Blizzard doesn't make amends and apologize for this, I'm planning on cancelling my account and sending them a letter steeped in carefully phrased nerd-rage.
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Princess Get!

My cellphone camera bears witness to my glory:

Rated "T" for "Take that, stupid next gen console pre-order bundles!"

So awesome. It seems to be impossible to pre-order Twilight Princess from anywhere right now, since it is the must-have game for the Wii (which is also totally sold out), so I'm glad I got on this one early.

So now I all I have to do is, you know, get a console that I can play it on.

In the meantime I can stare at the box and use magic of pretend.
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Chicks Can't Jerk Off

I complain about my new co-worker and the stupid, stupid, retarded things that he says, but occasionally he opens his mouth and something truly legendary comes out.

Chicks Can't Jerk Off. (Or, they don't, or choose not to?) Seriously, Bro, they don't.

I hope all the women who read my LJ keep that in mind. The Bro has spoken.
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