November 22nd, 2006


The Order Of Zelda

Kotaku recently linked to this fascinating Theoretical Legend Of Zelda Timeline. While people have attempted to come up with the "definitive" timeline of the Zelda games before, this follows the controversial (though "officially suggested") idea that the time traveling wackiness from Ocarina Of Time created a pair of parallel timelines. It also includes footage from each game, giving you a good look at how the series has progressed over time since the old days.

This also serves to explain the weirdness that is Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages for the GameBoy Color, which are bizarre mirror versions of each other, starting with the same introduction (in slightly shifted palettes) and each continuing as a completely different game, with the ending of one leading into the other, forever, ouroboros style. They make a little more sense if you consider them as an attempt to reconcile or link (heh heh) the two timelines that Ocarina seems to have created.

Where does Twilight Princess fit into all of this? I was figuring it might be the "last" one, as Miyamoto himself has hinted a few times, but apparently it goes after Ocarina(-Future) but before Wind Waker. Which would explain why it's suprisingly dark as Zelda games go, and probably doesn't have a very happy ending (at least based on the history lesson at the beginnining of WW.) But it does involve the Temple of Time somehow, so it may very well have screwed around with the whole continuum by the end of the estimated 70 hour playing time.
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Fun with EBay

Bro is having some issues with his part time career as an Certified Opportunistic EBay Asshole (COEA). It turns out that if you try to sell a cell phone that your friend "found somewhere", and it turns out to be "reported stolen", you are in "trouble".

(And there was much rejoicing. Well, hearty snickering, anyway.)