November 24th, 2006



Following the theme of my friends posting about what they're thankful for today:

I am thankful that my parents and I get along much better these days, so that visiting them for the holidays can be a good thing.

I am thankful for my job, even though I had to stop in the office this morning, because it is a small company of cool people, and allows me to pay my bills.

I am thankful for my friends... most people are, but mine have been good to me lately, despite my sometimes less than infinite patience and other extenuating circumstances.

I am thankful for public transportation in the greater tri-state area, even though it was pretty much ass today and made me miss my train.

I am thankful that companies like Nintendo can prosper by being creative and focusing on things that are fun, even in the face of game companies like Microsoft who can afford to buy out developers and do all their business at massive losses just to hurt the competition.

I am thankful that I live in a country where political groups that I hate do occasionally get voted out of majority positions in our government, if only to be replaced by people I hate marginally less, or for different reasons.

I am thankful to see a number of our troops hanging out in the Dunkin' Donuts across from the waiting area, instead of in Iraq with IEDs getting all up in their grills. It is cool when our troops are alive, hanging out and having a good time, and I hope they get to do more of that in the future.

And I am thankful for this dubious-looking sandwich, because all the good places to eat in Penn Station closed at 3:00 today, and I'm wicked hungry, so I'm going to eat it. If it doesn't crawl away or eat through the table first. But I get to have Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, and my Mom is a great cook, so I can definitely be thankful for that.

I am less thankful for the loud obnoxious family flanking me right now, and the homeless guy who "jokingly" grabbed at my wallet while I was paying for my dubious-looking sandwich, but nobody got elbowed in the face, and it's Thanksgiving, so I suppose I can be thankful for that, too.
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Overheard in New York

"Mommy, are we in New York right now?"

"No, honey, we're in Pennsylvania."

- Overheard in Pennsylvania Station, New York City, New York
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Not to give Penn Station a hard time, but...

I am late for the train that was on time, but the train that I had to wait two more hours for... is late.

I would say that my karma is hell of dilapidated, except that it my sketchy sandwich was actually pretty good. Zaro's Bread Basket, we salute you, epecially when everyone else is closed.
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More like Thanksgiving

It finally stopped raining, the sun came out, and I am not on or waiting for a train.

Things are looking much more Thanksgivingsy here. It may be friday, but pies are cooling, my grandmother is swearing at the crossword puzzle, my mom is worrying that our turkey has an "enormous opening", my niece is starting to repeat new words that she encounters, and my father has found an excuse to not be in the house until there's food.

Yes, it is definitely Thanksgiving over here.
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