May 8th, 2008


I have to go with the Grail theory.

I hate trade shows.

In other news, since I still haven't posted anything else lately, here's a good question for all you grad students, college professors, and recent PhDs on my friends list... And anyone else who saw all three movies and is literally "jonesing" (nyuck, nyuck) for the fourth one:

How did Indiana Jones manage to get tenure?

(Thanks to thedoubleduches for the link!)
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Just Say No

So, this is really late now; I blame work. And the battle may be lost, but the long, painful war of attrition is just getting started.

You have may have heard that there was some to-do about The ISO recently, particularly about the OOXML standard.

You may have also heard that it's the kind of obscure technical thing that only the most political Open Source geeks would be interested in. And perhaps you caught the article where the ISO appealed to the world at large to stop telling rude jokes about it, a surprisingly sensitive weak-sauce response for an International Standards Organization, especially the ISO itself.

Here's the thing, though... If you do any work with computerized documents at your business/organization/educational institution/library, you should definitely care about what is going down right now.

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In short, the OOXML standard is tricksy and false in every sense of the word. If anyone in your organization is discussing it, dare them to read all 6000 busted-ass, legally threatening pages of it before making a decision.

Or just don't even step on that flaming bag of poo on your virtual doorstep at all; Get OpenOffice for free, or even WordPerfect Office if you insist on spending money for your office software. You'll still be able to read and write in MS Office formats, and you can start using an "open standard" that is actually both Open and Standardized.
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